I Need Your Help! – Let’s Get Core In Stores!

Hi you beautiful book people! I want your help with something really really cool! I want to get Core in stores! I mean like…anyone could grab a coffee, go to Barnes and Noble, and see my books right there on the shelf! To do this, I need to start an indiegogo campaign. And to do that, I need a cool campaign video to explain to supporters who this crazy author is and why they should jump on board.

I thought about what to do and realized I didn’t want some lovely, nerdy, babbly author (me) talking about her own stuff. No, I’d rather have everyone hear from the people who matter…YOU. That’s how this idea was born: Why don’t I have my fans tell people what they think?

I want a collection of dozens (maybe hundreds) of videos of my fantastic readers telling people to support this series. You can shoot the video from your phone, like I did, on your couch, outside, at work, in a bookstore…anywhere. At the end, make sure you say, “Let’s get Core in stores!” You don’t have to have a picture of the cover to do it, either. I just need your beautiful face. If you AND a friend have both read it, do the video together. Have fun with it!! Laugh, giggle, mess up, smile!! I want people to know what my fans are like (because let’s face it, you’re the best).

You can email the videos to me at teshellecombs@gmail.com. Oh and check out my facebook page for some sweet examples of videos!

Love love love,


PS, if you haven’t read the Core Series yet, don’t miss out! Jump on board!! The Core Series.

Core New eBook Cover-page-001

Cool Things Happening! – My Books in Stores (Kinda)

The coolest thing happened a couple days ago! One of my fans, a cool chick named Stephanie, messaged me. First of all, I LOVE when my fans try to contact me, so that in itself made my day! *Waves* HI STEPHANIE!!

Okay, so Stephanie messaged me to tell me that she had gone into a bookstore, Books-A0Million to be exact, and mentioned Core to the main manager of the store. And the manager responded by saying that people had recently been coming in and asking for the Core Series and the System Series by Teshelle Combs.

I don’t need to tell you that I lost my mind!! I couldn’t believe it! People? Asking for MY BOOKS?! Like…people I don’t know?! I wouldn’t be surprised if that came from my mom, or my nana, or my husband, but a fan?! I don’t know why I was so shocked. My fans are AWESOME and I can’t believe I get to interact with them as often as I do. And apparently, some of them thought I was awesome right back.

Oh, the other cool thing? This Books-A-Million is located in Ohio!! I live in Florida (pretty far away, I’d say). So now my crazy brain is imagining BAMs all across the country where fans are going in and demanding they carry my books. *We want CORE We want CORE!* I don’t know if that’s happening or not, but I’ll let myself believe it is.

When I read Stephanie’s message, I dropped my phone, ran into Nate’s (my husband) studio and commenced my crazy happy dance–think a lot of thrusting, flailing arms, and very rapid footwork. My crazy happy dance, henceforth referred to as CHD, tends to frighten people, so Nate was not so receptive to my news at first. But now that I’ve calmed down, he’s very excited for me, like he has to be (because he married me, he married my books; package deal).

So, thank you to Stephanie for messaging me and making me whip out the CHD! Thank you to my other fans in Ohio asking for my books in stores! Thank you to everyone who’s read my stories and liked them! Thank you to every single reviewer and commenter and liker and follower! You make this whole author thing worth it. You are my adventure!

My books aren’t in stores yet, but they will be someday, all thanks to all of you!

Grab the ebooks or paperbacks of my books here 🙂


Should Authors Sign Up for Tsu?


No…I didn’t sneeze.
Yep…there’s another something for us frazzled authors to keep up with.

But this one just might stick around! Tsu is a brand new social media site, just launched by some serious experts this past October. And it’s getting a lot of buzz.For those who are technologically simplistic (you like how I worded that? Heh heh…), here are the bare basics of tsu, according to my understanding and investigative prowess.


1. Tsu is an invite only site. If you want to take a look around, here’s an invitation from me: https://www.tsu.co/TeshelleCombsAuthor

2. Tsu is great for people who spend their time promoting or branding themselves. So, if you’re an author like me, you may want to consider that invitation above.

3. You can earn money! Actual money! 90% of the revenue tsu generates is given back to its followers.

4. The more popular you are on tsu, the more money you make. There are two ways to make money: (1) get people to view and engage with your posts (2) get people to accept your invites so you can build your “family tree”

5. Tsu doesn’t pay much, it seems. You will probably make a little coffee money once in a while if you’re good at it. But it’s the opposite of Facebook in one important way…tsu pays you for using it to display your content. Facebook asks you to pay to promote your content.

6. Tsu is new. So it’s hard to explain to people why they should join. At times I feel like a creepy cult leader…”wanna join?” Hopefully this information helps dilute the weirdness of a new thing.

7. Tsu operates with likes, shares, comments, follows, pics, hashtags, and friend requests, but the networking component (family tree) is way more advanced and a little more complicated than expected. You can pick up on it quickly enough, though, and everything else is easy!

In all, tsu is a free service that pays its users for displaying their content. It’s revolutionary and I think it’s rather delightful so far. If I find any snags, I’ll be sure to update you! I’ll post the invite link one more time…and don’t forget to friend and follow me, okay?!


Tips for Planning a Great Facebook Event


In this update, I’ll share what I know about pulling off a banging Facebook event. As you may know, my Big Book Giveaway was a bit of a success, and I’m gearing up for my BBG2 – Book Boyfirned Edition this November.


But first, I have to share all my news with you guys! This November 21st, book 3 of the Core Series is coming out. VANE is a full-length novel and it’s the continuation of Cale and Ava’s crazy epic urban dragon story. In other news, I was asked to be a part of Nightshade Reads, a group of YA/NA authors who’s putting out an anthology early next year. So I’ll have an exclusive story in it for you guys (#NSR)! And all the proceeds go to charity, so I’m excited to launch this puppy. Also, I have a free story I’m putting out episode by episode right here on this blog and on wattpad for all my lovely loves. Check out Ill Fate.

Now on to the Facebook Event tips!

Tip #1: Map Out the Day-by-day Activities

Don’t just wing it. Events don’t organize themselves. And your fans will be able to tell that everything is well planned out and structured once the fun starts going. For my BBG2, I have three days of stuff going on. I assigned different fun events for each day so it doesn’t just seem like one messy blob of activities.

Day 1 – Meet and greet, Trivia giveaways, and book blasts

Day 2 – Author takeovers and book blasts

Day 3 – Book Boyfriend wars and book blasts

I have a common activity (book blasts) that runs every day at the same time so my fans feel a sense of uniformity. And then varying activities every day so there’s a reason to come back the following day. When I have the days planned, I dig in deeper and plan every hour.

Tip #2: Map out the Hour-by-hour Activities

I’m a full time author and a full time mom and wife, plus I do a lot of volunteer work, so I can’t take three days off of life to run a successful event. I’m going to insert an adorable picture of my little Jaxter (grandparents in the background) because I’m obsessed with how fun he is.


What I do instead is spend the weeks leading up to the event typing out all the posts I think I’ll need. I literally come up with what I want to say every hour of the event. This helps with organization and with timeliness. It erases the chances that there will be empty, boring down time during the BBG2.

When the event rolls around, I just have to copy and paste all the posts at the right times. If you’re into the hootsuite app, you can even upload those posts early so it’s all automated. Then you can just pop online and actually spend quality time interacting with the people who were kind enough to stop by.

Tip #3: Make Lasting Connections with Visitors

Never take a conversation for granted. When you’re putting on your event, make sure you actually chat with people who are attending. Ask them how they like it so far and what they’re most excited about winning or who they’re most excited about meeting. When the event is over, they probably won’t remember what the plot to your book was or what your cover looked like. In fact they might not even remember details about what you said or how witty your jokes were. But they’ll remember they liked you. And that, my author friends, is gold. I’ve come away from my first BBG with fans and friends I still keep in touch with. It’s wonderful. They’re wonderful. And that alone is worth putting on a great event.

Tip #4: Make a Mirror Event

Before your event is over, click the Facebook option for making a mirror event. It duplicates the basics and specs of your event so you don’t have to start from scratch on your next big venture. Post the link to this next event before your current event is over so your partiers can sign up for it. If they’re enjoying themselves, they can join the next event with a click of a button.

Tip #5: Be Strategic with Giveaways

I haven’t tried this yet, but for my BBG2, I’m not giving away any copies of my own books. Maybe that’s crazy, but here’s my reasoning. Instead, I’m having a huge sale (99c for each book) and encouraging fans to get my goods while the sale lasts. Last time, I gave away a whole slew of copies of my books and I think fans held out on buying them to see if they’d win one. It was counterproductive for me, since I was hoping I’d get a little boost in my numbers. So this time around, I’m giving away gift cards and books that other authors donated. I’m telling my fans upfront that I’m not giving away any Combs books during the event. I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out.

Tip #6: Try a Book Blast

Again, this is a new idea of mine. When my new book, VANE, is released, I’m going to ask all my fans and event attendees to hold back on buying it until the Book Blast at 7pm. I’ll have one blast every day at the same time. I hope it kindles a bit of excitement so my fans can feel like they are directly responsible for my boost in rank. I’ll let you know if it works!

Vane eCover 4

Tip #7: Have a Backup Plan

If you’re asking authors to show up and take over the event during certain hours, I’m going to advise you to have a backup plan, just in case something happens and the authors don’t show. For example, I had each author fill out a fun trivia questionnaire. When a few authors couldn’t make it, I still held giveaways in their honor and posted their trivia answers on their behalf. Less panic-inducing for everyone involved.

So, if you’re curious or you just want to come support me and have fun, join my Big Book Giveaway 2 event! And pre-order my book, VANE. And buy all my other books. And be my patron and pay me ridiculous amounts to write beautiful genre lit. And buy me a mansion. And make me a sandwich. Or just be my friend and say hi!

*If you’re an author and you want to get in on the event, please comment or email me at teshellecombs@gmail.com.

Big News for this YA Series

I have so much to tell you. My bookliness is so happy right now, I just want to freak out and spend too much money in B & N!! (That’s the nerd equivalent of getting wasted, I think).

Tess freaking out

So first off, today is the release day for SOLE: A Blue Novella. It’s finally here and the reviews are so beautiful I could cry.

Next, the Big Book Giveaway is still in full swing. There will be FIVE authors there tomorrow, so sign up and win some free stuff.

Last, I worked really hard and I’m so elated to announce that the second full-length novel of the CORE series is ready for pre-order today. Like right now! You can get it for half price if you make a move on it. I really think it’s even better than the first one, if you can believe that! VANE is here!!

Vane eCover 4

Big Book Giveaway and SOLE Release Event!

Do you like books?

Do you like author swag?

Do you like gift cards?

Okay, one more question…Do you like it all for FREE?

Join the Big Book Giveaway Event!

Giveaway-image (1)

September 29th to October 1st is the when, Facebook is the where, and you are the who. There will be 15 authors giving away their goodies and stopping by to interact with all of you! All you have to do is join the Facebook event so you can stay in the loop.

Also, rejoice with me in the goodness of my newest release. I have a lot of people telling me that SOLE is their favorite thing I’ve written, which makes me sooo excited and sooo nervous. So if you love me, you should join and support me!

Here’s SOLE.

SOLE cover-page-001

Free Kindle – The System

First things first. My book is in the TOP 100 of all free kindle!! Has been all day!! Holy crap in a basket!!

This was my face when I found out.

Tess freaking out

And this is where you can download THE SYSTEM for free before it goes back to $3.99.

CLICK HERE to download it for free


Just saying, guys, if I make it to the TOP 40 in free kindle, I will record myself doing my crazy dance and post it on here. You have my word. I’ll scare the pants off every singe one of you. I mean it.

How’d I do it?

1. I have no idea.

2. Okay, that’s not really true. I did a few things right. I priced my ebook at something normal and not ridiculously disheartening (it used to be $.99 all the time). I just decided I’d put too much work into it to make pennies in royalties. When the free promo started ( I use KDP Select), readers knew they were getting a good deal because they could see how much I usually charge for my baby ($3.99 for right now). I don’t know about you, but I like to know I’m getting a good deal. Gives me the happy willies 🙂

3. I don’t remcommend this, but I put the SYSTEM on promo without much planning. It wasn’t my first time doing a free advert (did a couple back in the spring with a ton of planning and moderate success, which means about 1000 downloads in my book). But I just kind of felt like doing it and went to KDP and clicked “free” right then and there. On a whim. And then I kind of waited.

4. Boom. Holy boom. By the next morning, I was giving away about 100 books an hour. I was #1 and #2 in my genres and every time I hit refresh, I could see the numbers go up. My poor husband had to just sit there all day while I refreshed and called out the new stats, “#60,000 in kindle, #30,000…#10,000!”

5. I sent out a few “oh my GOD!” tweets and before I knew it, It was time for bed and I was #121 (but I couldn’t stay up because I’d worn myself out hitting that darn refresh button). And don’t judge me, but I was up at 3 am to check my stats and goshdarnit, I was in the TOP 100!!

Here’s a pic of the best I’ve done so far:


The System Free Ranking

So, cross your fingers, say a prayer for me, do a rain dance, download the System, tell your friends to download it, tell your grandma to download, tell you pet goat to download it…just get me to the TOP 40!!

PS If I had a pet goat right now, I’d name it Pigeon Pea 🙂