Newest, Coolest Writing Contest!

Welcome to my contest all fiction, non-fiction, and poetry writers!


Consider this as a chance to stretch your creativity, have fun, and win a little prize money ($10 for first place winners)! Winners and honorable mentions may even get their work displayed on my blog for all to see.

Remember, you can interpret the prompt as exactly or as creatively as you’d like, but it must be clear that you’ve followed it. PLEASE keep in mind that pieces with too many grammatical errors can’t be considered for first place.

(And of course, please make me happy and check out my very amazing novel, Core, before you leave.)


Write a piece that tells of a world within a world.


Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry guidelines:

  • ONE piece per contestant
  • Must be pg-13 rated or less
  • Must be less than 7,000 words (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Must be titled
  • Must answer prompt

Submission guidelines:

CORE Writing Contest

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: *Free Kindle copy of “Core” and Piece will be posted on

DEADLINE: Midnight. Friday, June 28th


How to Play:

  1. Read the description of “Core.
  2. Choose ONE concept, phrase, or word used in the description.
  3. Write an original piece that either incorporates or illustrates the concept, phrase, or word you’ve chosen.
  4. Send piece or video as an attachment to, to, or to Teshelle Combs on FB by the deadline


  1. Each contestant may submit ONE piece for consideration.
  2. Include your name, your chosen concept/phrase/word, and the type of piece: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, spoken word
  3. All pieces must be no longer than 10 pages (dbl spc, 12 pt fnt); no longer than 5 minutes if a spoken word video is submitted
  4. All submissions must be no more than PG-13
  5. Grammar, craft, style, and originality will be considered

ANYONE may enter this contest, including previous contest winners. Please share away!

*If you’ve already purchased a copy of “Core”, you may be eligible for an alternate prize.