My Crazy, Crafty Friend…Crystal!!

My friend Crystal.

My friend Crystal makes babies.


And by that I mean she has one of the coolest jobs on the planet. She’s a DOULA! It’s her passion, her life dream, her love. In fact, this lady was largely responsible for bringing this hunk into the world.


Okay, Crystal, welcome. Answer my questions or be gone!

1. Weird word…doula. What does a doula do?

A) Ok. I’m geeking out!!!!:). Doula is a Greek word, literal translation is a woman’s helper. What a professional doula is:labor companion providing continuous mental/physical/educational support to couples pre-post natal:)


2. Why did you decide to be a doula?

A) I decided to be a doula because I want every woman to feel the way I did(EXTREMELY empowered and amazing!) after I gave birth completely natural. When a woman gives birth, it’s not just to a baby, she gives birth to herself as a mother and the process of birth is very important to how that mama begins her journey into motherhood. Every woman deserves and should have a doula to support her at her birth if she desires to have one.

3. Create a doula character for a novel! Name, appearance, quirks?


A) My doula character…Maureen Fitzgerald but she’s known to her clients and people as Mo. She’s in her mid 40’s, with close cropped(stylish) graying hair. She doesn’t color it because it gives her cred with medical professionals that would otherwise just dismiss her and what she does. She’s not out of shape but she’s not slim. She’s built and built well, her body WORKS! She cares very little about her physical appearance but she always looks good and put together. She’s a wanna be hippie but doesn’t quite have the gumption to embrace the entire hippie outlook on life so she picks and chooses what works well and she’s comfortable with that. She’s obsessed with holistic healing and essential oils. She makes/uses beauty products from all natural ingredients and loves to share with family and friends. She’s anti-circumcision but not pushy. She prefers to educate her clients so they feel empowered about the choices they make. She loves everyone and is super laid back, except when she’s at a birth:) Ooh, this is fun!


Thank you, my love, for sharing your coolness with us and with me and Nate and my Jaxter especially.

Here’s how to find Crystal if you’re in the sw fl area!

The Plight of the Anticipators

Here are my thoughts on anticipation:


For some, living is a drone of a thing. The monotony, the blandness of the present weighs on them, compels them to drag their feet along, dreading the toil of now. They rise and sleep without thought and without effort. If, one day, they did not rise at all, they would not mind. This is how they think to themselves. “The world would not know if I slept forever.”

For others, the lure of the past has them fixed backwards. Their feet are planted. They hold tight to the trunk of their tree as the tidal wave of the present tears at them, pushing them to a future they believe could never be bright enough. They think backwards is forward, that they are who they used to be. “It was better then,” they say. “was better then.”

But there are those of us who live for dreams. We balance on our toes. We do not–cannot–go down with the sun. We cannot turn back. We cannot close our eyes to ourselves. We live in every present moment. We fill our lungs with it. We push up on the tips of our feet and we stretch our arms up and up and always up. We know that any day, any second, any moment we will leave the ground behind altogether.

Rest if you’d like, you weary.  Return to your past, you unbecoming.  Do what you’d like, but don’t worry for us. Don’t worry. Don’t clamp us down. Don’t rebuke our ambition. Don’t fetter our minds and tether us to you. And if you must do something, if you feel you simply must, then brace yourselves for a most incredible sight.

For we dreamers will find our wings. “We will. We will.” We dreamers will find our wings. 

Watch us fly.