CORE Writing Contest

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: *Free Kindle copy of “Core” and Piece will be posted on

DEADLINE: Midnight. Friday, June 28th


How to Play:

  1. Read the description of “Core.
  2. Choose ONE concept, phrase, or word used in the description.
  3. Write an original piece that either incorporates or illustrates the concept, phrase, or word you’ve chosen.
  4. Send piece or video as an attachment to, to, or to Teshelle Combs on FB by the deadline


  1. Each contestant may submit ONE piece for consideration.
  2. Include your name, your chosen concept/phrase/word, and the type of piece: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, spoken word
  3. All pieces must be no longer than 10 pages (dbl spc, 12 pt fnt); no longer than 5 minutes if a spoken word video is submitted
  4. All submissions must be no more than PG-13
  5. Grammar, craft, style, and originality will be considered

ANYONE may enter this contest, including previous contest winners. Please share away!

*If you’ve already purchased a copy of “Core”, you may be eligible for an alternate prize.

Mini Writing Contest Results: On Fear and Love


Thank you to all the wonderful contestants who submitted their work for the mini contest. It was quite a joy to read all the submissions. Special thanks to those who took a risk and put their work out there for the first time.

Feel special, feel accomplished. You all did a great job.

I’ve decided to post the top three submissions, because they were all so well done. Congratulations, and I hope you all submit again for my next competition. (Also check out my debut novel, “Core!” before you leave.)


Tyrone Webster Reid – Spoken Word

“Big Strong Trees”

Broken heart,
Dreams deferred,
Scorched remains.
But out of ashes come the sweetest mangoes, the tallest oaks, the strongest men.



Toney Eugene – Poetry


Lying next to you as the morning sun kisses your skin
Remnant feelings from our memories past stir up within
And I caress your body; trace the outline of your tattoos
Each inked design sings it’s very own blues
For underneath each tattoo is a scarred memory you try to cover
A new addition to your body art every time a new love is over
Yet everything about the ink on your skin intrigues me
You don’t have to say a word for they spell out your history
You try to lie to me with your beautiful brown eyes
But the truth of it all I see in the blue and red butterflies
And the rose on the small of your back says you’ve been hurt not long ago
The cracked heart on your right arm, all your tears they begin to show
And I’m in love with every single one of your inked designs
Yet I fear the day when the new one becomes mine…



Adam N. – Poetry

Wind, wings, Flutter, fly.
High above, drop then dive.
Never grounded, strength within.
Believe in everlasting wind.


Again, thank you to all those who took the time to send in their work. Stay tuned for the next contest