Best Day Ever! (Create Your Dragon!)


Today, I had hands down the most exciting adventure in my writing career. I went to Gulf Middle School here in Cape Coral, FL and I got to meet with different classes as part of Author Day for their Literacy Week. The event was made marvelous by my dear friend and author, Jamie Ayres, whose ‘18 Things’ sequel, ‘18 Truths,’ is about to debut on January 28. (Check back later for more news on Jamie).

During my presentation, I asked the students to take three minutes to create their own dragons. The kids picked what the dragon’s core would be made of and what the dragon was in charge of protecting. I got the most incredible answers, some of which I am tempted to “steal” for my sequel to my novel, ‘Core.’

So, for my middle school friends and anyone else who likes to have fun, tell me your dragon! What does it look like? What color, size, shape? Does it breathe fire, water, poison smoke? Where does it live? And most importantly, what does it protect and what is in its CORE! Be creative, friends. And…GO!!

Oh yeah, and if you’re still looking for a copy of ‘Core,’ find it here!