Excerpt From My Latest Release, SAKE.

Today, I decided to share with you all an excerpt from my newest work: Book 4 of the Core Series. I’m getting really excited because there’s only one more book to come in the Core Series and I can feel the end forming in my mind. Today, please enjoy a glimpse into the world of Ima, Judge of Pain, as she becomes one of the most heartbreaking villains you’ve ever met.

Sake eCover


From Chapter Six


Ima brushed her silver hair herself. Her sprite had gone to do her bidding, and she knew that once she had Sirce out of the way, once the Great War commenced, the phoenix would bargain with her to save her pathetic world and the red dragon who lived in it.

“It’s almost time,” she told herself. In a few moments, the ninth turn would end and the tenth would begin. One thousand years.

She was alone as she walked over to the mirror that sat on her wardrobe, always covered in a cloth of black velvet. She felt…different than she ever thought she would. It was as though bones that once were made of glass had been encased in stone. The book and the truth it held gave her courage—not to rule the world or sit on the highest throne, but to tear it apart. It’s all wrong. The whole world is all wrong.

She sat at the wardrobe and prepared herself, her eyes closed. She knew that once she removed that velvet cloth, she would have to stare at herself—her real self. And she would not be young. Her skin would not be soft and frost-kissed. Her hair would not twist over her shoulders. She would be one thousand years old. She would look how she’d felt inside. Like dying. Like a prisoner to her immortality—all bones and rust and dried blood.

A knock on the door.

Ima left the covered mirror and twisted the key in her lock, opening her heavy door without a moment of hesitation or fear. If it was Sirce, the Accuser would not be able to hold her much longer. If it was Lor, she would curse him for keeping silent when she stood up to Sirce, but she would not kill him. Not yet.

The swinging door revealed a tired, worn Papu. He was the same as he always had been, but the light had gone out of his eyes, his skin a dull gray, his shoulders slumped.

“Sirce had no choice but to let me come to the courts for the birth ceremony. Rules are rules.” He reached out, touched his hand to hers, though Ima did not move. “I am here for a night. I thought I would come see you.”

Ima only stood, unmoving, unmoved.

“Ima? Aren’t you glad to see me?” But his hollow eyes said that he was not glad to see her, either.

He moved to her, like a ghost over deep waters, and put a cold hand to her back. Her skin prickled, but she did not move as he forced his lips to hers. Ice against ice, they kissed for as long as they could bear it. When Papu finally pulled away, there was no telling smile, no wink. No light.

Ima didn’t know what to say.  Her heart did not race, her breath did not catch. Papu might as well have been a tree in the sky garden or a root half-buried in the soil.

“Ima?” he whispered, his arm still around her, their chests still touching.

“You left me.”

He shook his head.

“You left me, Papu. You left me with him.”

“I told you—”

“No!” And a rush of pain knocked him off his feet. “You are the same as the rest of them. The same as Sirce.”

“Ima, we never asked to be put here. I never wanted this. We deserve more. We deserve to live and to die. Life is worth nothing if death doesn’t chase it.” He got to his feet and stepped toward her. “Our hearts cannot find one another if the paths we are on never converge. I want more. I want…I want an end. I want to die.”

Ima took a shallow breath. “Good things, once dead, are meant to be buried. Hearts are meant to be burned.”

Papu stood inches from her, and he would have kissed her again if not for the pain that leaked from her lips. “So burn them, Ima.”


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Interview with Michele M. Reynolds – Wilderness Girl

I had the pleasure of interviewing author Michele M. Reynolds, self-proclaimed Wilderness Girl. Michele graciously answered questions about her adventures, her views on gender biases in the writing world, and info on her books, including her crowning jewel, Trail Swap.

Michele M Reynolds

1. Tell us about an adventure you had, Michele–one that affected your writing.


To put it down to one adventure would be hard. I think my mid-twenties traveling, moving, and having unique jobs has helped a lot to influence my writing. I also wear my heart on my sleeve and love hard and fall hard. Deep love and heartbreak lend to some powerful writing. I have surrounded myself with some unique characters and that helps too.


Oh the mid-twenties… that’s right where I am in my life (I can’t believe I’m saying this; in my head I swear I’m still 17 half of the time). On to the next question!

 2. What’s it like being both a mommy and an author? Can you give us an example of how mommyhood has affected your authorship?


I have read several articles about women authors. How some have thrown out their names and changed them to initials to be non-gender specific. I thought about that, but then reclaimed my name immediately when I read such articles. There are also questions like this one, that I swore I would not answer. I am not trying to be a witch here. I am glad you asked this question because it raises awareness. I love being a step-mom. It is the best job ever, but I am not sure this question would come up if I was a dad.

I guess my answer to this question is . . . for my kids, I refuse to bow to the male-dominated world.


As for the name, I decided to keep mine as it is because I love it. To be fair though, I often go by the nickname Tess, which gives me a little separation from my author-self. And I truly didn’t expect that answer regarding your parenthood! I suppose some (not all) gentleman authors either don’t have kids or don’t mention them in their profiles, which I never noticed before now… words for thought, Michele, words for thought. 

3. Tell us about your most recent release, “Tunnel W.” What inspired you to write it? What do you want readers to take away from it?


Tunnel W. I have no idea how it was created. I think I started to do a writing exercise and liked where it was going so I went with it. I think it qualifies as a novella or novellette. Either way it is short, but the characters are likeable. I have no idea what the readers would take away from it other than a fun read.

My biggest work right now that I am proud of us Trail Swap. You have to check that out.

I am a 34% done with a wilderness residential camp in the year 2043. The best way I can describe it is Holes meets Dangerous Minds.

I then took a break to write a full-out romance. I usually creep some romance in this story, but this one is a love story. I am 200 pages into writing it. We will see what book gets finished first.


Holes meets Dangerous Minds? Sounds stinkin’ awesome, Michele! You should definitely check that out, peeps! I too have favorite works, like “Core,” which is in my opinion my first publish-ready work. But to my surprise, I’ve heard from beta readers that my other works are also kind of awesome. So keep hyping Tunnel W, Michele! You never know who it will connect with, right?

4. Who is your greatest inspiration as an author?


Life, love, adventure, and humor.


5. Share your great wisdom, Michele. Give the up-and-comers one bit of advice?


I was hoping you could share some with me. I am still new to this all, and have spent countless hours on websites, blogs, how-to’s, etc. Even though I don’t think it helped me sell books, it is a fun place to visit. Check out my blog.

I have learned out of all of that . . . just write, write, and write. I have so many books bubbling up in me that it is hard to go to work and to sleep, and to stay asleep. I wish I had harnessed my creativity earlier. I took too long of a vacation from it.

Write and my other advice is journal. I wish I had journaled more so that I could capture that raw emotion better.


Write, write, write, write. You sound like my hubs: “Tess, are you working on that sequel? How much do you have so far? That’s all? Well, go write some more!” It really is amazing advice. A swimmer swims; a dancer dances. A writer…writes! So simple, so unnerving, and so true.


Thanks for the interview.


And thank you for your time and for giving us all something to think about, Michele! It was a pleasure having you. 

To learn more about Michele and her work, visit her blog, her amazon page, and her Barnes & Noble page! Or stop by and check out her Smahswords FREE!