Blog Takeover – The Talented Jamie Ayres!!

Boy, do I have a treat for you!  My friend, the beautiful funny, talented Jamie Ayres, will be taking over my blog! WHOOO!! Jamie’s YA inspirational paranormal series–My So Called Afterlife–is definitely worth a weekend of binge reading.

Without further blabbing from me…here’s JAMIE!!

18 thoughts

Hello! I’m Jamie Ayres, the YA author of the My So-Called Afterlife trilogy. For all you combo bibliophiles/musicos out there, I’m here to share the actual playlist I listened to while writing the last installment of this series. But first, here’s a little about that book, 18 Thoughts.


Olga Gay Worontzoff left the Underworld for her final year of high school anxious for things to return to normal, but fate has other plans.

Now the new hottie at school reads her thoughts but nobody else’s. And her best friend wakes up from his coma acting like a completely different person. Caught in a world that’s a mix of familiar and supernatural, she must confront what she will–or won’t–do to bring him back and stare down her own perceived inadequacies to face a couple of tenacious demons, figurative and literal.

Everything she thought she knew about reality will change as she walks the line between past and present, fear and faith, love and loyalty.

By the end of a heartbreaking year, she might be forced to realize “normal” in the conventional sense of the word is the one thing she may never achieve.

Here are some of my favorite songs from the 18 Thoughts playlist:

*O Children by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:  I first heard this song in the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows movie (Part 1) where Harry makes Hermoine dance with him in an effort to cheer him up. When I was writing this book, I had that movie on in the background one day & it just made me stop writing. It was everything my characters were feeling at the time because in this last installment of the trilogy, they really are forced to grow up. They’ve been lied to by ‘adults’ who were trying to protect them. It’s caused a big hot mess, and their innocence is lost forever, especially Olga and Conner. Makes me tear up just typing that!

*Meant To Live by Switchfoot: I came across this band through another movie from a book adaptation: A Walk to Remember. Basically, the message is even though you’re going through crap right now, you are meant for something more, so you’ll come through the storm of life stronger, you just have to hold onto faith.

*Cups by Lulu & The Lampshades: Of course, most of us know this song through Anna Kendrick performing it in Pitch Perfect (yes, I love movies almost as much as books). I included this one in the playlist because the life list from 18 Things is at work in this book in a new, fun way . . . and this song is a part of that. You’ll just have to read it to see how *my one shameless plug*

*Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine: The song makes me want to throw myself on the floor like a toddler in the midst of a temper tantrum. And that’s exactly what Olga and Conner feel like doing throughout an experience they share, but I can’t give too much away! Think bird trapped in a cage with his wings clipped, longing to get out and fly again.

*Use Somebody by Kings of Leon: This song could apply to many of the characters in different places of the book, but I really added it for Tammy. She’s jaded by the world, and even though she’s the most popular girl at school, she just wants somebody to notice her for the real ‘Tammy,’ and Olga does J

*Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons: One of my favorite songs of all time, and I can’t help but drop everything when it comes on and have a dance party around the house! To me, it’s Conner’s song. He’s battling this unseen force in the book, leaving him completely in the dark because he has no idea what’s going on. He’s reaching out to Olga for help, but he also feels like it’s futile. Still, he’s holding on to hope that one day he’ll ‘love the skies I’m under.’

*The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol: Of course, I had to control this song. It’s a lightning strike that started Olga down this road, after all. But I actually picture Nate singing this song to her. This lightning strike brought them together, and he saved her in many ways. But in this book, there’s a huge part of Olga that wants to be able to save herself. She’s tired of being rescued, so she remains closed off to Nate in a lot of ways.

To listen to the entire playlist (with 18 songs, of course), click here. Thanks for having me over today, Teshelle!

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Amazon bestselling author Jamie Ayres writes young adult love stories by night and teaches young adults as an English teacher by day. When not at home on her laptop or at school, she can often be found at a local book store grabbing random children and reading to them. So far, she has not been arrested for this. She has been praised for featuring strong, appealing heroines and plot twists readers never saw coming. For more information or to simply share your own thoughts with her, visit


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  1. Meant to Live is a great song.

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