Cool Things Happening! – My Books in Stores (Kinda)

The coolest thing happened a couple days ago! One of my fans, a cool chick named Stephanie, messaged me. First of all, I LOVE when my fans try to contact me, so that in itself made my day! *Waves* HI STEPHANIE!!

Okay, so Stephanie messaged me to tell me that she had gone into a bookstore, Books-A0Million to be exact, and mentioned Core to the main manager of the store. And the manager responded by saying that people had recently been coming in and asking for the Core Series and the System Series by Teshelle Combs.

I don’t need to tell you that I lost my mind!! I couldn’t believe it! People? Asking for MY BOOKS?! Like…people I don’t know?! I wouldn’t be surprised if that came from my mom, or my nana, or my husband, but a fan?! I don’t know why I was so shocked. My fans are AWESOME and I can’t believe I get to interact with them as often as I do. And apparently, some of them thought I was awesome right back.

Oh, the other cool thing? This Books-A-Million is located in Ohio!! I live in Florida (pretty far away, I’d say). So now my crazy brain is imagining BAMs all across the country where fans are going in and demanding they carry my books. *We want CORE We want CORE!* I don’t know if that’s happening or not, but I’ll let myself believe it is.

When I read Stephanie’s message, I dropped my phone, ran into Nate’s (my husband) studio and commenced my crazy happy dance–think a lot of thrusting, flailing arms, and very rapid footwork. My crazy happy dance, henceforth referred to as CHD, tends to frighten people, so Nate was not so receptive to my news at first. But now that I’ve calmed down, he’s very excited for me, like he has to be (because he married me, he married my books; package deal).

So, thank you to Stephanie for messaging me and making me whip out the CHD! Thank you to my other fans in Ohio asking for my books in stores! Thank you to everyone who’s read my stories and liked them! Thank you to every single reviewer and commenter and liker and follower! You make this whole author thing worth it. You are my adventure!

My books aren’t in stores yet, but they will be someday, all thanks to all of you!

Grab the ebooks or paperbacks of my books here 🙂


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