Mad Monday Book List  

On select Mondays, I’ll post a random conglomerate of some books out there that you may not have heard of. Feast your eyes on this Super Sunday Book List!

(Of course, check out my YA Fantasy books: The Core Series and the System)

Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction

The Masked Slipper

The Crystal Bridge

Kindling Flames: Gathering Tinder

Nefertiti’s Heart

Voodoo Moon

Shadow of the Dragon


Ghost Moon Night

The Park

Pretty Little Dead Girls

Shadow Sight (Ivy Granger Book 1)

The Healer




Hands: A Novella

Metalstorm Fanthology

Faerie Tale: Ashen

Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks

Lillith: Autobiography of a Goddess

Crystal Dragon (Bad Elements Book 1)

Destiny Intertwined

Children of Stone

Quest For Knowledge

Sig Woods and the Book of Elements

The Raven Chronicles

Journey to Seras


From Darkness to Light

Chrystal Bones


Romance, Sexy Hot

Troubled Lives

Living the Dream Again

Come Undone


Saving O’Connell

Chasing Disaster

Thriller, Crime, Horror


In a Word: Murder

Regina (the Delengrad Trilogy)

Taylor Made


Clone Drones

With Devils Dwell

Blood Profits

Speed Trap (The Cal Bocock Adventures)

Immortal Sins

The Mexican Connection

German Derelict


The Self-Pubishing Roadmap


Take Three Birds

The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad


A Little Bit of Everything


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