Should Authors Sign Up for Tsu?


No…I didn’t sneeze.
Yep…there’s another something for us frazzled authors to keep up with.

But this one just might stick around! Tsu is a brand new social media site, just launched by some serious experts this past October. And it’s getting a lot of buzz.For those who are technologically simplistic (you like how I worded that? Heh heh…), here are the bare basics of tsu, according to my understanding and investigative prowess.


1. Tsu is an invite only site. If you want to take a look around, here’s an invitation from me:

2. Tsu is great for people who spend their time promoting or branding themselves. So, if you’re an author like me, you may want to consider that invitation above.

3. You can earn money! Actual money! 90% of the revenue tsu generates is given back to its followers.

4. The more popular you are on tsu, the more money you make. There are two ways to make money: (1) get people to view and engage with your posts (2) get people to accept your invites so you can build your “family tree”

5. Tsu doesn’t pay much, it seems. You will probably make a little coffee money once in a while if you’re good at it. But it’s the opposite of Facebook in one important way…tsu pays you for using it to display your content. Facebook asks you to pay to promote your content.

6. Tsu is new. So it’s hard to explain to people why they should join. At times I feel like a creepy cult leader…”wanna join?” Hopefully this information helps dilute the weirdness of a new thing.

7. Tsu operates with likes, shares, comments, follows, pics, hashtags, and friend requests, but the networking component (family tree) is way more advanced and a little more complicated than expected. You can pick up on it quickly enough, though, and everything else is easy!

In all, tsu is a free service that pays its users for displaying their content. It’s revolutionary and I think it’s rather delightful so far. If I find any snags, I’ll be sure to update you! I’ll post the invite link one more time…and don’t forget to friend and follow me, okay?!

One comment

  1. amkuska · January 19, 2015

    Thanks to you, I will now silently think “Bless you” every time I see that social media site. 😛

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