The Big Book Giveaway is TOMORROW!!

Book Giveaway

Tomorrow is the big day! It means SOLE is about to be released (this Tuesday, baby!) and it means you could win a ton of prizes!!

How to play: Just click “join” in this Facebook event!

Glimpse of some of the prizes:

  • –an audiobook of Ehriad and an autographed copy of Faelorehn and by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
  • –2 autographed paperback copies of CORE and THE SYSTEM
  • –Gift cards
  • –ebook of 18 Things and one of 18 Truths by Jamie Ayres
  • –ebook of Destiny: New Avalon by Andrea Buginsky
  • –ebook of Double Life by S. Usher Evans
  • –2 ebooks of Hikers Part 1: Power by Lauren Algeo
  • –an ecopy of Descending by Holly Kelly
  • –2 ebooks of the #1 release, NETHERWORLD, and a swag gift basket containing an autographed copy
  • –The Sanctum Trilogy, Book I: The Girl and Book II: The Boy
  • –Autographed copies of The Prophecy of Arcadia
  • –MORE!!!

How to pre-order SOLE for only 99 cents: Click here!

SOLE cover-page-001

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