How This Indie Author feels about the Amazon Kindle Pre-orders

1. So, let’s talk about how sexy Amazon is right now. I mean, there was no fluff, no grandeur, no mess…they just slipped an email into our inboxes and let us know, “…Hey, by the way, we’re changing your entire lives forever. Hope you like it.” I had to re-read the email three times before I thought it was true. (Mind you I laughed like a little monkey-girl because I was so excited, but we’re trying to talk all suave and sophisticated here…) It was very James Bond-ish of Amazon to just tell us without making a big deal about it. I love it. I love Amazon. I love how easy that make it to be indie.

2. Let’s talk about money. This changes the game for all the bookly people out there. Now, I’m no economist and I don’t have all the market facts. I can’t analyze stocks and I don’t have access to Hatchette numbers or anything that fancy. But my little mathematically-impaired brain does know this: before, I couldn’t offer my book in advance like traditionally pubbed authors could; now I can. And that means, the game is changing. (Laughing like a ghoul this time; I might be part minion).

3. Let’s talk about ranking. I’ve put my darling upcoming release, SOLE (plug…PLUG!), out for pre-order a few days ago. It’s a novella in my CORE series (Here it is again. Shameless.), and I’d just revealed my cover, so I was more than ecstatic to try out the pre-orders. After a few pre-sales, I found that my amazon page for SOLE displayed a rank! I’m doing well right now, hitting the top 100 in three genres and climbing up to #10,000 in paid kindle in just a few days. You can also find your pre-sales reported in your KDP “reports” page. I’m not sure how SOLE’s ranking will change once the book is released, but I do know I don’t mind having spotlight on my YA darling! Can’t hurt…right?

4. Let’s talk about marketing. This is a whole new ball game for me. I love to research and get advice on what to do ,when, and where, but I’ve never looked into marketing for pre-orders because, frankly, as an indie, I’ve never been able to set one up (I’m exclusive with Amazon in their KDP Select program). Right now, I’m keeping SOLE the same price as I intend for it to remain once it’s released. I thought about $1.99 instead of my $2.99, but I just can’t price it so low. I worked too hard on it! So I’m going to monitor sales and see how things stand going forward. So far, I have a few Facebook ads out. I also do weekly giveaways on my author page and blog and advertise those on twitter.

5. Let’s talk about release day. This is a mystery to me. How will pre-orders affect my ranking on the day of? Will I skyrocket? Will I hold steady because I’m already ranking on my pre-order page? One thing is for sure, it certainly can’t hurt to have in a bunch of pre-orders ahead of time! But do any of you out there know what we can expect? I promise to share with you how it goes come September 30th when SOLE is released. I won’t leave you in the dark!

So, share with me! How do you make pre-orders work for you? What do you think of the new pre-order system? Do you have any books we should look out for on pre-order?

Oh and get SOLE before it comes out so I can do my happy dance!


Much love,



  1. jamieayres · August 20, 2014

    I’m happy too! Being with a boutique publisher, we couldn’t allow preordering of our books either . . . that privilege only extended to the Big Four. I’m not a huge fan of Amazon, but I’m glad they changed this 🙂

  2. andreadrewauthor · September 23, 2014

    I was also doing the happy dance. Mines not released until Oct 28 (Gypsy Hunted) but will check your book out now Tess! Very interested in what happens on Sept 30 for you!

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