Giveaways!! Quick, enter to win my FREEBIE!!

Only one week left before the System is released on the world. Are you ready???

To help get you in the mood, enter to win a free paperback copy of either of my books! The giveaway ends on 4/16 and all you have to do is click.

The System Giveaway!!

Core Giveaway!!

I’ve been so excited getting everything ready for the launch. It’s a lot of work for an indie girl. I’ve had to perfect the interior (which apparently will never be actually perfect…grrr), figure out how to arrange those stupid headings and page numbers, and fine tune the cover. Throw in marketing, networking, setting up giveaways, deciding how much and where to sell the book, changing the entire series at the very last minute…Let’s just say I’m going to take a really long nap when this is all over.

But truly, I’m thankful I get to be indie and decide on every single bit of my career. I feel so connected to what I’m doing and to all my fans. It’s sort of like the difference between driving by and seeing a beautiful tree, and standing beneath a beautiful lumpy, crooked, miraculous tree knowing you dug that hole and planted that seed and begged for it to grow and grow and grow. What you read when you buy my book…that’s the real deal. Mistakes, brilliance, tension, romance, life–you’re reading ME and all my hard work.

I really hope you get into what I’ve done and find a piece of yourself in my stuff. Live long and live well.

Much love,


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