Why I’m Excited to See Divergent


I’ll confess something to you.

I sort of have a crush on Veronica Roth.

And by crush, I mean she’s my hero and I wish I was her in a lot of ways. Yes, I’m indie all the way and she’s a Harperteen chica, but other than that she’s living and breathing my dream.

What dream? She wanted to write. She wrote. And people can’t stop reading it!

Miss Roth started in her early twenties, fresh out of college with her English degree (just like me!). And she does what she loves for a living. She made it. And the example she’s set as a dreamhunter makes me work hard every day.

Veronica Roth

Miss Roth inspires me to keep writing. Why? Because it actually happens…this crazy dream can actually come true. And someday, someone will read one of my books and believe they can find their dreams, too. In fact, it’s already happening. Right. Now.

So, this Sunday, I’m buying a ticket, plopping down next to two of my squealing-with-anticipation best friends, and supporting Veronica Roth’s baby. I’ll tell you what I think when I see it!

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