How to Read CORE

Step 1. Flex your fingers. I suggest a few finger warm-ups and stretches before you rush into the next few steps. Safety first, people.

Step 2. Click here. (I bet you’re glad you warmed up, eh?)

Step 3. Wait.

Step 4. Tear open your neatly packaged copy of the best book ever in the whole world (again, warm up beforehand). If you ordered the kindle version, click on afore mentioned best book ever.

Step 4. Use your preferred combination of finger movements to open the deliciously large paperback book or to flip through the electronic pages (and you thought I was crazy with the finger stuff).

Step 5. Read.

Step 6-10. Read, read, read, write me and tell me how much you love it (, read, read, leave me an amazon review, read, read, tell all your friends, read, read, read.

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